martedì 24 novembre 2015

Arch-01 v5.00

Arch-01 is a modeling toolset that allows the user to draw geometry inside Cinema 4D with classic CAD like precision and workflow.

Arch-01 contains: 6 Main Tools + 7 Minor Tools + Arch-01 Manager

Main Tools
1 – Draw Line/Arc for creating technician Splines or N-gon polygons
2 – Draw Circle for creating circulars Splines of various radius
3 – Draw Square for creating rectangular/squares Splines of various measures
4 – Precision Mover for position an object on the points of another object (snap point to point)
5 – Surface Aligner for place objects or copying of objects on polygons surface (Normal Surface)
6 – Object Dimension for quote (distance, altimetric, angular)

Minor Tools
7 – Make Polygons for make a Polygon from Spline
8 – Excalibur for Cut a Polygon with Spline
9 – Cut Polygons for Cut selection Polygons
10 – Copy Polygons for Copy selection Polygons
11 – Paste Polygons for Paste selection Polygons
12 – Clone Polygons for Clone selection Polygons
13 – iSola for Isolate the selection Objects

With Arch-01 you can:
Drawing Tools
Draw Linear Spline as CAD like precision
Draw Arc Spline as CAD like precision
Draw Circular Spline as CAD like precision
Draw Rectangle Spline as CAD like precision

Position Tools
Move an object from point to point as classic CAD like precision
Place an object or object copy on polygons normal
Replace objects with Instanze

Modeling Tools
Make a Polygon from Spline
Cut a Polygon with Spline
Cut selection Polygons
Copy selection Polygons
Paste selection Polygons
Clone selection Polygons
Isolate the selection Objects

Measurement Tools
Get Distance between 2 points in real Time
Get Length Spline in Real Time
Get Area from Selection Polygons in Real Time
Add Parametric Objects for quote (distance, altimetric, angular) in real Time

Arch 01 v5.00 Tools: Drawing Tools + Excalibur and Make Polygon

Arch 01 v5.00 Tool: Object Dimension

Arch 01 v5.00 Precision Mover

Arch 01 v5 00 Tool: Surface Alligner

Arch 01 v5.00 Tools: Surface Alligner + RePlacer Restyling

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