Arch-01 v5.00

Arch-01 is a modeling toolset that allows the user to draw geometry inside Cinema 4D with classic CAD like precision and workflow.

Arch-01 contains: 6 Main Tools + 7 Minor Tools + Arch-01 Manager

Main Tools
1 – Draw Line/Arc for creating technician Splines or N-gon polygons
2 – Draw Circle for creating circulars Splines of various radius
3 – Draw Square for creating rectangular/squares Splines of various measures
4 – Precision Mover for position an object on the points of another object (snap point to point)
5 – Surface Aligner for place objects or copying of objects on polygons surface (Normal Surface)
6 – Object Dimension for quote (distance, altimetric, angular)

Minor Tools
7 – Make Polygons for make a Polygon from Spline
8 – Excalibur for Cut a Polygon with Spline
9 – Cut Polygons for Cut selection Polygons
10 – Copy Polygons for Copy selection Polygons
11 – Paste Polygons for Paste selection Polygons
12 – Clone Polygons for Clone selection Polygons
13 – iSola for Isolate the select…
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